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Jim Cymbala, Pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle Church

"I highly recommend the Community Bible Experience resources published by Zondervan. The Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation was deeply impacted as we utilized this valuable tool through an entire calendar year. Seeing our membership read through the New Testament in this logical way made me and the pastoral staff very happy. I am delighted to recommend The Books of The Bible to every believer who loves the Word of God."

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A family of four are reading a book together on the couch in their home.

Nothing is more important to church vitality—and personal spiritual growth—than a deep, sustained connection with the Bible.

The Community Bible Experience, created by Biblica, will reignite your entire church’s passion for the Scriptures and help them develop a life-long habit of Bible reading.

This proven, complete church-wide experience covers the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and includes comprehensive adult, student, children’s, and preschool materials in the accurate, readable, and clear NIV translation for adults and teens, and the easy-to-read NIrV for kids. Now your entire church can experience the Bible in community with resources for all ages!​

READ BIG — For each of the four books, adults and teens will read 12-15 pages a day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks. The Books of the Bible™ is an engaging approach to Scripture. Not a verse here or a chapter there, but whole books read in their original context. The program is also very flexible to meet the needs of any church schedule.

READ REAL — No more chapter and verse numbers. No more study notes. No more cross reference or footnotes. No more red letters. The Books of the Bible is a fresh yet ancient presentation of Scripture. It strips away centuries of added formatting so you can read and enjoy just the Bible text.

READ TOGETHER — Learning happens best in community, over time. The Community Bible Experience is a new way to talk about the Bible: less like a Bible study, more like a book club. This church-wide program welcomes everyone no matter how much (or little) of the Bible they have already read. Guided questions are provided to facilitate meaningful discussion.


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For churches in the UK and elsewhere in Europe please contact the Biblica Europe office for more information – www.biblicaeurope.com or [email protected]

For Churches

available December 2017


The Community Bible Experience Complete Church Resource Kit

Includes everything you need to review the program and get started - copies of all of the materials, reading plans, and a quick start guide.

For Adults & Teens

available November 2017

Covenant History: Discover the Origins of God's People


The Prophets: Listen to God’s Messengers Proclaiming Hope & Truth


The Writings: Find Wisdom in Stories, Poetry, and Songs


New Testament: Enter the Story of Jesus’ Church and His Return


Participant's Journal


Curriculum Video Sessions


Samples Coming Soon!

For Kids & Preschoolers

available November 2017

Covenant History: Discover the Beginnings of God’s People


The Prophets: Listen to God’s Messengers Tell about Hope and Truth


The Writings: Learn from Stories, Poetry, and Songs


New Testament: Read the Story of Jesus, His Church, and His Return


My Bible Story Coloring Book


Children's Curriculum CD-ROM for Preschoolers, Early Elementary, and Later Elementary


Samples Coming Soon!

Hear What Others Are Saying


Jeff Manion, Senior Pastor, Ada Bible Church

"The Community Bible Experience was a rich and rewarding experience for the family of Ada Bible Church. Reading through the entire New Testament over eight weeks united our church community around a common goal. It provided a great structure for dialoguing over scripture as we reflected from week to week. I highly recommend it for any pastor looking for a Bible reading program for their whole church."

Gabe Lyons with Q

Weslayan Church of Hamburg

Liquid Church

Child Participant

Adult Participant